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Long term planning is the key to successful blackberry control.

What is my problem? What are my options? What is my strategy?

Before you start, you need to assess your property by mapping your blackberry infestations and assessing the percentage of blackberry cover. The Visual Assessment of Density Sheet – supplied in the Blackberry Control Manual, is an excellent assessment tool which will assist you with this task.

It is useful for planning purposes to divide your infestations into different management areas. For example – creek line, bush area, site 1, site 2.

Once you know your problem, you can investigate available options for your particular situation.

These include chemical, organic and physical control methods or a combination of these methods. Importantly, consider when and how to use these methods. The Weeds of National Significance – Blackberry Control Manual is a terrific resource to help with these decisions.

Special note: For specific chemical advice, you will need to contact your chemical supplier for up to date information.

To help with your blackberry control planning, here is a link to the Victorian Blackberry Taskforce’s 3-year Work Plan Template.

Remember, when filling out your plan, it is important to include follow-up control to prevent re-infestation from previous years’ work.

The VBT video – “Blackberry Control Plan 02′ covers issues related to establishing a blackberry control plan. The full collection of VBT videos are available on the Resources page of our website and on the VBT YouTube channel.

Above all, make your plan achievable – and remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

For further information, please don’t hesitate to contact the Victorian Blackberry Taskforce: