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Victoria’s four Community Pest Management Groups (CPMGs) have been chosen to receive the Australian Biosecurity Award (ABA) in Canberra recently. The ABA’s recognise individuals, groups and organisations that have shown commitment to supporting and promoting Australian biosecurity and the systems that underpin it.

The CPMGs were nominated by Agriculture Victoria to receive an award under the community category for their role in the Weeds and Rabbits Project. The four CPMG Chairs recently received their award on behalf of their groups in Canberra.

The CPMGs include the Victorian Blackberry Taskforce, the Victorian Gorse Taskforce, Victorian Rabbit Action Network and Victorian Serrated Tussock Working Party who formed part of the Delivery Leadership Group, the project steering committee for the Weeds and Rabbit Project. 

CPMGs consist of volunteer community representatives, and contractors, who provide education, engagement and extension services to landowners affected by invasive species. 

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PHOTO L-R: Ron Cosgrave – VGT Chair, Murray Watt – Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, Lyn Coulston – VBT Chair, Gerry Leach – VRAN Chair and Lance Jennison – VSTWP Chair.