Are you thinking that your community would be able to develop their own Community Partnership Project?


Having worked across many different community settings, we understand that project ideas may begin on a scrap of paper or around the kitchen table. We want to hear your ideas, and we can begin a conversation of what a project could look like in your area.


We welcome submissions for the development of community partnership projects all year, and would like to begin a conversation with you if you are interested.


You can get a copy of our Community Blackberry Action Group: Start-Up Kit, which is a booklet and memory stick for your computer, with interviews and various resources for those interested in learning more about developing their own program. Alternatively, if you got to our resources section you are able to view some on the interviews online.


If you think there is potential to get a project going, start by getting in contact with us and tell us a little more about some of your project ideas and your community.