Non Chemical Control Demonstration Site

The non-chemical demonstration site is located in North East Victoria, near the township of Towong. The property is a certified organic dairy farm. The blackberry demonstration site is irrigated and located on a check bank running north- south and the infestation is approximately 30 cm high.

The aim is to demonstrate the efficacy of a product containing fractions of pine and other plant based surfactants on the pest plant blackberry. (Rubus fruticosus agg.)

The product’s mode of action causes desiccation of the plant’s cell wall which is different from traditional chemicals which translocate through the plant.

The product will control the weed seed and the plant it comes into direct contact with.

– It will decrease the blackberry biomass and damage the buds on the blackberry stem.
– There needs to be follow up applications of this product and grazing after the first application. (When using this product a motorised spray unit should be used. Full coverage is essential)
– It is possible to plant, sow and graze immediately after applying this product to the weed or blackberry infestation.

There are six plots measuring  10m by 1.5 m in the demonstration site.

Read more about the non chemical demonstration site and the methodology being followed on the site – Managing Blackberry.