New Blackberry Action Group

We would like to welcome the Sandy Creek Woody Weed Action Group to the Victorian Blackberry Taskforce. The group is located in the Maldon region encompassing Sandy and Tarrangower Creek and their tributaries. The group steering committee is made up of the Sandy Creek Landcare Group, Maldon Urban Landcare Group, Tarrangower Cactus Control Committee, Connecting Country and Parks Victoria.

A third of the 4,400 hectare project area will be targeted in the first year, which will focus on signing 30 land managers to three year voluntary management agreements. Part of the program provides a $50 incentive for plants for revegetation.

The group will engage with two major stakeholders: Parks Victoria, who is a major land manager in the area, and the Shire of Mount Alexandra for roadside management. With Parks Victoria and the Shire aligning priorities with the group’s activities it will ensure better results for the project in future.