Controlling blackberry is a long-term project and generally cannot be achieved by one-off strategies, particularly for larger infestations.

Managing blackberry is long-term and generally cannot be achieved by one-off strategies, particularly for larger infestations. The three main management options available for blackberry include physical control, biological control and herbicides.

A control program should be well planned to consider all the available management options and to ensure they are appropriately integrated for maximum control.

Information on a new non-chemical demonstration site, located in North East Victoria, near the township of Towong can be found here.

For further detailed information on each of the control practices, please refer to the BLACKBERRY CONTROL MANUAL – management and control options for blackberry ‘Rubus spp.’

In Australia, read the summary publication – BEST PRACTICE BLACKBERRY CONTROL: Options for Blackberry Control – Chemical/Physical; explore the informative FEATURE PANEL LINKS below and visit our RESOURCE COLLECTION.

Herbicides are highly effective tools for controlling blackberry, and their use is the most reliable method for achieving local eradication.

Helpful tips to consider when using herbicides to control blackberries. Get information on when to spray and herbicide application.

Five Considerations When Selecting A Herbicide & Situations For Specific Herbicides.

Currently the only biological control agent tested and released into Australia is the leaf rust fungus.

Explore controlling blackberry weed using a range of physical control methods.

The non-chemical demonstration site is located in North East Victoria.


CONTROLLING BLACKBERRY IN URBAN/PERI-URBAN ENVIRONMENTS The Victorian Blackberry Taskforce receives many inquiries from landowners living in urban/peri-urban environments. Because landholders live close to each other, blackberry control options may differ compared with landholders in rural environments. Some controls are the same regardless of location. For example, the best time to apply herbicide is when the plant is actively growing – from November to […]


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Information Day – Learn About Effective Blackberry Control Techniques The Yea River Catchment Landcare group in association with the Murrindindi Community Hub is hosting members of the Victorian Blackberry Taskforce who will – • provide some background about the introduction and spread of blackberries in Australia, and • discuss suggested control measures, what other groups are doing to attack […]


VBT NEWS – EDITION 11 / MAY 2022 The latest edition of the VBT News is now available online. DRONE TECHNOLOGY SET TO TAKE OFF The Victorian Government has an application process in place for a licence to pilot and operate drones for aerial spraying.  The Victorian Blackberry Taskforce (VBT) believes this is a gamechanger, […]


The Victorian Blackberry Taskforce fielded many questions at the NSW/VIC Combined Weeds Conference held at the Albury Entertainment Centre – 21-24 March. VBT Chairperson Lyn Coulston gave an informative plenary presentation at the conference. The presentation focused on the community response to the devastating Upper Murray 2019/2020 fires.


VBT BACKS WOODNOOK PROJECT The VBT has thrown its support behind the Woodnook project, coordinated by the Northern Yarra Landcare Network, Northern Yarra Weeds Action Group and the Dixons Creek Landcare Group. The project aims to improve the biodiversity of Dixons Creek, which has become increasingly weedy. This area is known as Manna Gum Riparian Forest and includes at least one […]


Chairperson’s Report The main objective of the Victorian Blackberry Taskforce (VBT) is to oversee implementation of the Victorian Blackberry Strategy (VBS), with the key goal to reduce the growth and spread of blackberry across Victoria. The emphasis is on education, advocacy and providing accessible information and support for public and private land managers to manage […]


Our Community Partnership Program continues to support community-led action groups across the state to reduce blackberry in their local area. The program funds groups to employ project officers to help drive activities including mapping the location and extent of blackberry infestations and working closely with landholders to help them reduce the weed. •We supported two […]


‘I like to see the environment as it should be, not infested with feral weeds like blackberry. I want the place looking a lot better when I leave it, than when I got here.’ Terry O’Keefe – Walwa landholder, discusses his approach to blackberry management and improved productivity. Terry is one of four landholders who […]


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