Increasing access to Landcare community accounts

One of the most important but least understood parts of a Landcare community meeting is the Treasurer’s report, this is often because the financial report is presented as a statement of receipts and payments, accounts for payment and current bank balances. Most people see this as numbers on a page rather than a reflection of the sources and application of funds in accordance with purpose and goals of the Landcare community.

As the treasurer of the Northern Yarra Landcare Network my aim is to make members more financially aware by giving them access to web based financial information through the Saasu Accounting program. Saasu provides a dashboard summary of cash flow, money owing and owed, and graphical summary of the top 10 payments and receipts. A sample of the dashboard can be seen at with a 30 day free trial available. With less than 50 transactions a month I was able to get a full double entry accounting program for $9 a month!

Landcare members can access the accounts from their Internet browser with restricted or full access making it possible to achieve full transparency of the Landcare community finances. Saasu allows original documents and photos to be attached to transactions making it easy to verify authenticity of interactions with funding bodies and suppliers. This also makes the audit process of the Landcare accounts easy allowing full accountability which is attractive for those who provide funds and need to show how those funds were used. An extra dimension provided by Saasu is the ability to apply Tags to transactions to assist in grouping income against expenses or in the case of our Landcare network how funding received for blackberry control has been applied to landowner rebates as well as identifying whether we made a profit or loss on organized events such as field days.

If anyone is interested in more details I can be contacted at