Demonstrating Effective Blackberry Control Techniques

There are many ways to control blackberry, depending on your situation. The information below from a recently held event covers a range of control options including, chemical, pine oil and physical control.

The Victorian Blackberry Taskforce and the Hepburn Shire Council hosted a successful event – ‘Demonstrating Effective Blackberry Control techniques’ in Creswick on the 23rd March. Fifty people observed demonstrations on mulching, pine oil and drone technology. Guidance was also provided on best practice chemical control.

All demonstrations were recorded on video and are available to view on the VBT’s YouTube Channel.


Mulching Demonstration & Guidance on Best Practice chemical control


Phil Sansom, Jensan Pty Ltd detailed the different types of mulching machinery available for woody weed control. This included the 7 metre Reach-Arm Diamond mulching unit, which was demonstrated on the day. He also outlines best practice chemical control, which included application, timing, water quality and weather conditions.  Find out more by viewing the mulching demonstration on the VBT YouTube Channel.



Drone Demonstration


Kai Dong, UAV Drone PTY LTD demonstrated the 10-litre capacity drone for chemical control application, showcasing two modes of control. The device follows a pre-programed pattern of flight. Kai emphasised that this will not replace broad acre spraying but will be useful in hard to access areas. While, not yet registered for commercial use in Victoria, the drone may be purchased by private landholders for their own use. Find out more by viewing the drone demonstration on the VBT YouTube Channel.



Pine Oil Demonstration


Nick Sell from Sustainable formulations explained the results of the ‘pine oil’ (Bioweed TM) demonstration. The product’s mode of action breaks down the plants cell wall, which is different to traditional translocating chemicals. Several applications are required during the active growing season. The key advantages of the product are – it’s certified organic, kills weed seed and can be applied after physical control, such as mulching. View the video of the demonstration day presentation on the VBT YouTube Channel.

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