The Victorian Blackberry Taskforce supports the control of blackberry in a sustainable manner. What does this mean?

When a blackberry management plan is developed, measures should be taken to minimise off-target damage.

Blackberries infest many areas including open paddocks, under storey and creek lines.  These require different control and application methods.

Certain chemicals cause adverse effects on grasses, instream biota and native vegetation. It is the landholder’s responsibility to make informed decisions on what chemical is used and how it is applied. There are regulations governing aerial application.

For example, when using aerial spraying as a control option, which is an efficient way of covering large open areas in a short amount of time, the potential for off target damage is high. Certain areas may not be a suitable for aerial spraying including areas of native over storey and riparian areas where ground based spraying would be a better option.

Make sure you check with your Local Council as a permit and offsets may be required if native vegetation is being destroyed or damaged.

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