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The Victorian Blackberry Taskforce (VBT) acknowledges the severe impacts the fires have had on communities and the environment, not only in Victoria but nationally. Landholders are now dealing with the effects of fire on their properties. They are assessing the present and future impacts on land and water and how best to manage them into the future.

Previously, the VBT has assisted communities in the aftermath of fire events, specifically in 2009. Support was provided through community-led Blackberry and Woody Weeds groups in Central Gippsland, Mudgegonga and Yarra Ranges. This support focused on the opportunity for landholders to control blackberry as it recovers and regrows after the fire event. Controlling blackberry at one metre high is much easier and more cost effective than controlling blackberry when it reaches three metres.

Landholders planning to use translocating chemicals as part of their blackberry control program, will achieve better results when there is sufficient growth and leafy area. This ensures the chemical can be taken up and absorbed by the plant. At least one metre of hardened regrowth will usually provide enough leaf coverage for chemical uptake to the extensive root system.

For those using non-chemical treatments, the opportunity is there to keep on top of blackberry by regular physical control or the use of non-chemical products such as pine oil.

For landholders who would like further information about post-fire blackberry control including a hard copy of the Blackberry Control Manual, please contact the VBT.

VBT email – vbt@vicblackberrytaskforce.com.au

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