Supporting community efforts to control blackberry is a priority for the Victorian Blackberry Taskforce.

Our Community Partnerships Program supports community-led action groups across the state to reduce blackberry in their local area. It funds groups to employ project officers to help drive their activities, which include mapping the location and extent of local blackberry infestations and working closely with landowners to help them reduce the weed.

Our Community Partnership Program supported seven community blackberry action groups this year.

• These groups signed over 100 landowners to 3-year voluntary management agreements.
• Three community groups continue to demonstrate effective control techniques at their demonstration sites.
• Approximately 1,300 Victorian landowners and managers are now registered on the Blackberry Action Database Information System.
• Former Community Partnership Groups signed close to 70 landowners to 3-year voluntary management agreements.

Find out more about the VBT’s Community Partnership Programs in the VBT Annual Report 2015-16.