Unmanned Aircraft and Weed Control

Listen to ABC interview with Victorian Blackberry Taskforce members and farmers on the potential of unmanned aircraft being used as a potential tool for controlling blackberry. abc article_unmanned aircraft image - VBT members with unmanned aircraft

Barkers Creek – Woody Weed Day

The Barkers Creek Landcare Network is hosting a free event. Woody Weed Control Demonstration Day On-site demonstrations of relevant woody weed control techniques Useful information on how to get the best results Demonstration of ECOblade, a machine which cuts and paints Blackberry/Gorse in one action   Drinks and

Chair of VBT recognised by Commissioner for Environmental Sustainability

Lyn Coulston, Chair of the Victorian Blackberry Taskforce, efforts have been mentioned to by the Commissioner for Environmental Sustainability, Victoria. 'International Women's Day lunch with Sustainability Victoria (tomorrow). Whilst I am giving the keynote I will be talking about all the others who just DO stuff for the environment. What a

Increasing access to Landcare community accounts

One of the most important but least understood parts of a Landcare community meeting is the Treasurer's report, this is often because the financial report is presented as a statement of receipts and payments, accounts for payment and current bank balances. Most people see this

I-weed spraying!

Yamaha Motor Australia is bringing cutting edge unmanned aircraft technology to Australia to combat noxious weeds. Originally developed to dust rust paddies in built up farm areas in Japan's unique rural urban landscape, the RMAX unmanned helicopter is set to draw attention. With a total length of

Barkers Creek Tour

By Shane O'Laughlin, Victorian Blackberry Taskforce Representative The Friends of Barkers Creek Group held the first community meeting at Harcourt on 28th June. The attendance was great. There are already 17 land owners signed to weed management plans and after hearing and seeing the expectation in the hall

Bushfire Recovery Evaluation

On Tuesday 19th of June, members from across three of the Community Partnership Projects met as part of the evaluation of the project. The Bushfire recovery projects were initiated by the Taskforce following the Black Saturday fires. The groups use the community-led blackberry approach to engagement. The projects used incentive

Yea and BlackberryYea and Blackberry

The Victorian Blackberry Taskforce attended a meeting convened by the Upper Goulburn Landcare Network to explore the role of a community-led approach. Over 50 farmers attended the evening. Michael Reid (DPI -Executive Officer of the Taskforce) gave an overview of government priorities in pest management. Lyn