Non Chemical Control Demonstration Site – Observations and third treatment

Observations and third treatment for February 2016 was re-scheduled and completed on the 26th April 2016. 26th of April observations: Irrigated Plots (1 and 2) Regrowth - Approximately 30cm . ( Special note: mulched twice since September 28th 2016.) Irrigated Plots (3,4, 5 and 6) Regrowth - Approximately 15-30 cm. 

FAQ 02

Physical control, how useful is it?   The VBT continues to disseminate information on best practice blackberry control via the Weeds of National Significance Blackberry Control Manual. Physical control is an integral part of this by reducing chemical usage and improving access and can be part of

FAQ 01

The VBT had received enquiries about unsatisfactory results of Glyphosate. We asked people to give us their experiences using this chemical. The comments centred around poor control rates, the need for constant follow up, increased resistance, off target kills and improved conditions for weed invasion.   Bruce

Case Study: How a farmer used goats to control blackberry

By Alistair Stevenson, LaTrobe University About a decade ago, the present landholders moved to their current property in the Upper Murray region. Their property was once part of a large sheep operation. When they purchased it, there were masses of blackberry infestations in the forested country

Tips For A Successful Blackberry Program

As the blackberry action program is a grass roots program embedded within and run by community, it offers a unique approach to dealing with blackberry. Support to initiate control and/or reinvigorate landholders’ enthusiasm towards ongoing management is the key. Why has this been so successful and

Non Chemical Control Demonstration Site

The non-chemical demonstration site is located in North East Victoria, near the township of Towong. The property is a certified organic dairy farm. The blackberry demonstration site is irrigated and located on a check bank running north- south and the infestation is approximately 30 cm

New Blackberry Action Group

We would like to welcome the Sandy Creek Woody Weed Action Group to the Victorian Blackberry Taskforce. The group is located in the Maldon region encompassing Sandy and Tarrangower Creek and their tributaries. The group steering committee is made up of the Sandy Creek Landcare