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'Providing support to
local communities to develop solutions tailored to suit their landscape and circumstances can be a powerful catalyst for achieving successful control
of blackberry, lifting agricultural productivity
and protecting significant environmental values.'

Lyn Coulston
Victorian Blackberry Strategy
Revised Edition 2014-2019



01 The VBT had received enquiries about unsatisfactory results of Glyphosate. We asked people to give us their experiences using this chemical. The comments centred around poor control rates, the need for constant follow up, increased resistance, off target kills and improved conditions for weed invasion.
Bruce Marsh from the Merton to Cathkin Blackberry Action Group has sprayed on his property...read more.

02 Physical control, how useful is it?
The VBT continues to disseminate information on best practice blackberry control via the Weeds of National Significance Blackberry Control Manual ...read more.


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