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The North East Blackberry Action Group – Upper Murray (NEBAGUM) was formed in February 2005 as a result of community desire to address the impacts of blackberry infestations on agricultural productivity and biodiversity in the district.



The North East Blackberry Action Group celebrated its 10th year with even greater success in blackberry control.

It has signed over 100 landholders to 3 year voluntary blackberry management agreements over the last 10 years. As agreements reach the end of the third year many landholders chose to sign for another 3 if they still have
substantial infestations.

The group’s main focus this year was checking the progress of landholders in blackberry control and its project officer visited 60 properties and phoned another 30 to check progress.

Many landowners have substantially reduced their blackberry infestations and are now focusing on revegetation and fencing projects. The group expects a sizeable area of farmland to be reclaimed from blackberry in
future years as project partners continue to build momentum and success.

Efforts to encourage and support participants included hosting a well-attended and successful field day to highlight the benefits of all land managers working together, the impact of blackberry on property values and to demonstrate various control methods.



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