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The North East Blackberry Action Group – Upper Murray (NEBAGUM) was formed in February 2005 as a result of community desire to address the impacts of blackberry infestations on agricultural productivity and biodiversity in the district.



The North East Blackberry Action Group has shown
how community-wide action achieves results in
blackberry reduction.

It has engaged 125 landowners in Victoria’s upper Murray region since forming in 2005, supporting them to reduce a combined 5,270 hectares of blackberry to 740 hectares.
Collaborations with public land managers has reduced blackberry on Crown land and a sustained and successful roadside blackberry control program is now in place.

The group is currently working with 84 local landholders, although most require little active support these days as they continue blackberry control efforts. Financial support for spraying activities was provided to 23 landowners over the last year.

The group stands as an example to others, who have adopted its successful approach of field days, follow-up visits and financial support to reduce blackberry across a local landscape.







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