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The current focus of
the group is driving a partnership approach with various agencies and
private landholders to manage blackberry.



The Mitta to Murray Blackberry Action Group leads a community-wide effort to tackle blackberry on public and private land across the area.

The group signed another 31 landholders to voluntary management agreements this year, with more on the list waiting to join when more support funding becomes available.

It now has 119 landholders signed up who have treated a combined 5,000 ha of blackberry across 26,500 ha. Some original participants whose 3-year agreements finished signed up to a second phase of 3 years.

The group has a strong local profile and is working with public and private landowners to coordinate blackberry control efforts to maximise results across the landscape.

It hosted two field days in partnership with government, business and industry to demonstrate different blackberry control methods, producing a 5-minute video of the event to help distribute information to others.



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