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A new group is reigniting community efforts to control
blackberry in Victoria’s
north east.



The Merton-Cathkin Blackberry Action Group kept its achievements up this year. Of the 590 hectares of blackberry infestations on private land it mapped across the Shires of Mansfield and Murrindindi, landholders
treated 550 hectares (94%) – exceeding the group’s 75 per cent target.

The group has become a leader in blackberry control efforts with a strong community presence and local blackberry control test and demonstration sites.

This year it received a $4500 Communities for Nature grant to establish a test site at a riparian blackberry infestation on private land at the Godfrey’s Creek headwaters. Stretching
4.5 km, the infestation affects landholders further south in the Yarck Valley and the action group is working with the landholder, who is making a significant investment to tackle the weed.

The group also hosted a field day for about 30 landholders at its demonstration site at Avalon in Merton where it was the first in Australia to see the new Positrak / Wetblade Forest Mulcher in action.

The group also now provides signs for landholders on 3-year voluntary agreements to recognise their activities and encourage more blackberry action across the region.


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