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The King Parrot Creek Valley is a mixture of beef
and sheep producers and smaller land owners.



The King Parrot Blackberry Action Group signed another
17 local landowners to voluntary blackberry management agreements this year.

Over 60 landowners are now working with the group to reduce and eradicate blackberry on their properties.

The group centres its activities around the picturesque King Parrot Creek which flows through the foothills of the Great Dividing Range around 100 km north of Melbourne. Many private properties extend to the creek’s frontage.

The King Parrot group subsidises control chemicals to landowners and helps with spraying infestations, including by helicopter on steep slopes.

This year it received Good Neighbour Funding to tackle blackberry infestations along King Parrot Creek where spraying is not possible due to the breeding areas of the endangered Macquarie Perch.

It also worked with government officers, who visited approximately 50 local private landowners and issued direction notices to those failing to control their blackberry.



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