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A new group is focusing
on blackberry control in South Gippsland.



The Corner Inlet Blackberry Action Group signed 12 more landowners up to blackberry control this year and secured more funding to expand its activities.

The group received almost $50,000 from the Communities for Nature project to fund the spraying of 2,300 ha of blackberry along local waterways adjacent to landholders who have signed voluntary management agreements.
A further $20,000 25th Anniversary Landcare grant helped tackle blackberry in the important wetlands area at the Corner Inlet Ramsar site.

The funding also enabled signage on gates and roadsides across the region to raise the profile of blackberry control and to promote the group’s activities.

Over 40 private landowners have signed voluntary agreements since the group launched in 2013 and are working to control blackberry across a combined 2,300 ha.

The group’s project officer continued supporting them and those who achieved their blackberry control targets were
rewarded with a container of free control chemicals to help keep the effort up.



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