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The group aims to help
fire-affected landholders recover by supporting them to control blackberry as well as gorse and broom.



The Central Gippsland Woody Weed Action Group has supported local landholders to significantly reduce blackberry, gorse and broom in the Strzelecki Ranges since the group formed in 2010.

Most landholders who received incentives for weed control from the group after the 2009 bushfires have now completed their 3-year voluntary agreements. All have achieved substantial success in reducing blackberry
on their properties and have gained valuable knowledge and networks to help them continue their activities in future.

To date, the group has visited 182 landholders and motivated 92 to sign voluntary blackberry management agreements. This has seen more than 1,200 hectares of blackberry mapped and 1,000 hectares treated.

In 2014 the group expanded its activities with an information day in Boolarra which attracted 50 people.

Despite wet conditions making it difficult to spray blackberry, landholders remained active with several in Callignee pooling their resources to employ a helicopter to spray infestations on steeper slopes.

A major focus of the group is personal contact with landholders and its project officer contacted 19 landholders this year to check on and support their progress in blackberry control.


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